Oliver Morris

Oliver Morris

Web and Software Developer
  • Birthday29 January, 2003
  • LocationWells, Somerset



Strode College
2020 -

I decided to go back to education, as I wanted to get some sort of formal education to help me in the future, so I chose Strode College to study the new T levels , which focuses a lot on programming and also work placements.

Home Schooled

I chosed to be Home Schooled by my dad, as i wanted to focus my time on computer science and programming, and as the schools weren't really focusing on it, I chose to be Home Schooled and it definitely benefited me, I learnt many languages and met so many amazing people in the space, and worked on many projects.


Maxcoin Project

I joined Maxcoin which is a cryptocurrency project, as to gain experience on real life programming and also project management, it really helped me and gave me confidence working with a team of developers and it was really fun too.

The Tree on Box Hill Website
2019 - Present

The Tree is a beautiful pub on Box Hill, A beautiful national trust land in Surrey, I built the website for the owner and have been working with them for over a year.

Fullnode Project
2015— 2017

When I was 12, I started working on the Bitcoin Fullnode project, which is setting up a Bitcoin Fullnode on a Raspberry Pi. This was one of my first projects In bitcoin and blockchain I worked on and taught me about the Raspberry Pi, how the command line interface works, How the bitcoin source code works and how to install it. I also learnt a lot about Peter Todd's Bitcoin Python Library, Bitcoin Hashing in Python and getting block info with the RPC etc, It was a lot of fun and very educational.

Heisenberg Capital
2018 - Present

Heisenberg Capital was founded in 2013 by Max Keiser. Making investment decisions informed by his own experience with inventing market making technologies and deep knowledge of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, the company's earliest investments were in cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processors, I built the website as I was working with them on Maxcoin at the time, also was interview on the Keiser Report by them 2 years ago Interview

My Skills

Web Design80%
Web Design
Python Programming80%
Python Programming
C++ Programming60%
C++ Programming
HTML5 Web Development90%
HTML5 Web Development